Jindagi ek lachari

Number of people who are attending Bieber concert is 45,000 as per Mumbai police. The average cost of tickets which ranges from 4k to 76k comes up to 15,000 per person (conservative estimate). Multiply it by the number of people who are attending the concert and you will get an amount more than 70,00,00,000 including money that you will spend on booze and food.


1 in 3 farmers commit suicide per day in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra because of crop failure resulting in their inability to repay loans. The average amount of loan outstanding for which they take their own lives is a merely Rs.10,000. Two different stark realities.


I am not saying do not go for the concert or stop playing cricket matches or stop watching movies till we sort out other issues. I am just trying to put things in perspective with these facts which tells us frankly that India isn’t a poor or undeveloped country. We have money, loads of it but sadly somewhere we seem to have lost our priorities. I am not saying save 15,000 on the concert and donate it to the needy, after all everyone has a right to enjoy themselves with their own money, but what I am saying is, that 15,000 could have saved someone’s life and family today. It’s all about income inequality in the end and our country seems to have a lot of it.



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